WordPress can learn in 7 Days. If you have used wordpress and have the software installed in your server, if you have at least two-three hours per day to learn wordpress, if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and some PHP its very simple to go ahead. If not don’t worry. Let’s try.

WordPress Codex, WordPress TV and Make WordPress Core If you think the Codex is only for beginners, think again. The Codex is, essentially, the WordPress bible and contains pretty much everything you need to know about WordPress. Many of the articles are tough and dry. but there is information on everything from working with themes and writing plugins to contributing to core development. If you’re a visual learner, WordPress TV contains hours and hours of presentation recorded at Wordcamps around the world. If you’re interested in where WordPress is headed and want to contribute to core, it’s a good idea to bookmark Make WordPress Core. This is the official blog of the core development team for WordPress.
Getting the Most Out of Themes Understanding how themes work is crucial to learning WordPress. Choosing a theme for your site is usually the first customization you will make to your site, so it’s important to know what you’re doing. The first port of call is the Theme Development section in the Codex. This section offers a solid grounding in how themes are built. Even if you think you know a lot about themes, it’s still worth reading.
Getting the Most Out of Plugins We all know the wordpress is nothing without plugin. Developing plugins is easier than you may think and offers up a world of possibilities when you can tweak WordPress to suit your needs.
Hosting and Backup Solutions Choosing a good web host is important if you want your site to run smoothly with no downtime. And with hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, choosing just one is no easy task. Managed WordPress hosting is becoming more and more popular as new competitors enter the space. Some hosts also provide back up solutions, but if you want to manage it yourself.
SEO and Optimization If you want to make the most of SEO, it’s a good idea to optimize your site. The Codex offers a basic guide to optimization. there are lots of seo plugins and services are available to boost SEO and Optimization of your website.
Customization After a busy five days getting your head around WordPress, today I am going to delve into customizations.
WordPress News Did you know, its the 7th day. May be you are so much tired. there are 1000s of news and resources are available regarding the wordpress news and resources. Check Out the possible resources.