The rain is getting started, Employees working in the rain face additional hazards, such as poor visibility and wet, slippery surfaces. A little care and precaution are may help to prevent accidents and injuries when working in the rain.

When you working in the rain a natural reaction is to try to work more quickly to get back inside as soon as possible. However, because rain makes everything more slippery, you should do the exact opposite. Work more slowly and deliberately to prevent slipping and falling, especially when climbing ladders and posts.

I recommended to use electrical tools and equipment that are not specifically rated for outdoor use when working in the rain. When using hand tools, use tools with textured, nonslip grip handles.

Wear appropriate rain coat that is in the proper size; if it’s too large it may interfere with movement. Working in rain without a rain coat may cause danger.

Wear appropriate footwear that helps to keep working in the slippery conditions.

When doing work requiring a sure grip, wear gloves that fit snugly and provide a nonslip grip. To prevent water from entering gloves, make sure that the sleeve of the glove is either tight fitting or is long enough that it fits under the cuff of your raincoat.

Ensure that you can see around you in the rainy condition. Be sure that the area you are working in is well lit; if needed, light the area using portable lighting. Wear hoods or hats to keep rain out of your eyes. Also, since hoods on rain coat narrow your range of vision, make it a point to turn your head to look both ways and above and below you when wearing a hood in the rain.

Make sure that you can be seen. If working in an area where there is vehicular traffic always wear bright-colored, reflective vests or rain coat, even during the day. Do not wear rain coat or vests that have become worn and are dull and/or no longer reflective. It may prone to accidents.