After few months long wait, the Firefox 29 is arrived, the stable version. The most notable feature is the sleek new frosted glass look with its rounded tabs. The browser now also gives users the option to customize the menu tray. Remove all your entries for a cleaner experience or add everything for maximum efficiency! I was a bit disappointed though to see that only Firefox’s preloaded shortcuts are listed in my options and none of my favorite add-ons were dockable in the new menu. There’s a few things I’d rather tuck away for my sparing usage than having to suffer their flashy notifications. But this is a brand new release, hopefully that addition will come later.


We can check the top 5 changes in the firefox 29.

  • Sleek & Curved Tabs
    The curved designs are incorporated with the all new firefox. But now it shows some close similarities to the google chrome browser. Well, unlike chrome, the tabs that you don’t use currently make fade. That is a good design feature.
  • Revamped Menus
    The menu system in the firefox is just make a lot fresh and easy to access. It helps to reach easily to the new window, private window, preference etc.. Now more than easy.
  • The Awesome Firefox Sync
    The new Firefox Enhanced Sync, that make users to transfer any firefox thing they like from one device to another. By creating a Firefox account, users can transfer their features from computer to computer or to the mobile, Android version of Firefox.
  • Ever Easy Bookmarks
    The new bookmark manager icon make more easy to manage and find the bookmarks. And the new icon highlights bookmarks more easy.
  • Great Customizability
    Now the user have the ability to customize the firefox for there easy and comfort use. In the Menu or anywhere else. Just do it.
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