Hello Everyone TIME TO EXPRESS THANK YOU For the incomparable love, care and support you all gave in my whole life, I say thank you for being with me, taught me, laughed me and for everything. Thank you!

Oh yes, I am turning 25. Its a super awesome experience for the last 25 years I had. Tons of happiness, lots of sorrow, surprises, impulsive moments, peaceful nights, inspired mornings, pathetic situations and a lot more… But all these are taught  really BIG lessons in my life, and of course in all of our lives.

So, I think turning 25 is not a simple thing but a super awesome experience. You know why? Let’s check it out.

  • I can still choose, Do I want to be wise and mature or young and rash.
  • I am still a young adult and acting like a matured middle age man.
  • I can celebrate with out boundaries, No restriction from better half (Waiting for that…)
  • There is a reason, for my first love didn’t last(That time’s hard chapter)
  • Feels that I can make world’s tastiest meal (but it feels only when I am hungry)
  • Giving advise is much much easier than taking
  • It is great to leave home and see the world.
  • I understood money is big issue to make and learning to handle properly.
  • I am Responsible for happiness : Mine & My Family
  • Being Kind and Performing Pride is important
  • Rejection is fuel for success.
  • And at last, I understand turning 25 is really a super thing. 🙂
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