Recently facebook announced an easiest way to link between mobile apps by eliminating the usage of browsers. Really an awesome work from facebook. 

Till day, There is no unified way to navigate to links across all the platforms, so it makes so toughness to link between services through apps. Now, the newly introduced App Links fill this gap developer friendly. And eliminates the usage of browsers inside mobile app. 

The App Links is announced in the F8 Developer Conference. Initial partners supporting the new technology include Quip, Spotify, Movietickets, Mixcloud, Redfin, Mailbox, Pinterest, iHeartradio, Vimeo, EyeEm, Wattpad, Endomondo, Venmo, Houzz, Tumblr, Hulu, Flixster, Goodreads, DailyMotion, Flickr, Songkick, Fancy, Rdio, Rhapsody, and Vevo. 

This is an open initiative that make a big change in the mobile web. <3