Wooow… the awesome version of wordpress 3.9 is arrived here. this version named as “SMITH” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, and the WP 3.9 comes with superb refinements till the day. Now fulfilled with smoother and faster media editing experience. Let us take look on the all new WordPress 3.9.

Yes, finally updated TinyMCE version # 4 is added to WP. And some of the most interesting changes in the wordpress are as follows:

  • TinyMCE updated to version 4
  • Widget management added to live previews
  • Theme browser has been added to the theme installer
  • Images can no be dragged and dropped directly into posts
  • Inline image editing
  • Audio and video playlists

Well, all these are very much needed improvement and most of the users waiting for this. We can check the quick look for the latest wordpress 3.9.

  1. TinyMCE : The Visual Editor
    TinyMCE is an open-source, platform-independent, web-based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor that powers the Visual Editor on WordPress. It doesn’t appear any different to the front end user. All of the new code is working behind the scenes to create better markup. One of the best feature is, no more craps in coping from MS Office to wordpress, here shouldn’t be any more nasty random span tags with various colours. But the new version misses the more color picker from the color pallet.
  2. Live Preview of Widgets
    Its really a very nice improvement than all other versions, now very much simple to find the widget action and user view inside the admin panel itself. When you go into Appearance >> Themes >> Customize in WordPress 3.9, you have the option to see live preview for widgets. When you click on “Add A Widget”, a new menu slides out where you can search for a widget, and you can see the widget in action before you push it live on your site.
  3. Theme Browser
    Now the version 3.9 provide visually stunning theme browsing experience to users. Although not much more functionality has been added here, but it is nicer to browse through themes.
  4. Drag ‘n’ Drop Media Editor
    I can said this, This is a seriously added superb functionality to WordPress, especially for the less experienced bloggers and computer users. It is now possible to drag and drop images in the visual editor, and WordPress will upload that media to your site. This will a great time saver, especially if you are working with multiple monitors where you usually try to drag and drop items between screens. Just tested this feature with my development environment, and I feel like very much time saved.
  5. Live Gallery Preview
    Till the last versions, the gallery preview is not possible, only the placeholder is visible, well now its so fine. The image gallery preview is available in the position of placeholders. Now this live preview helps to make better decision faster about user end view.
  6. Audio & Video Playlist
    Now we can simply add audio and video to wordpress, just go to insert media screen, the awesomeness can find there.
  7. Advanced Image Editing Option
    In the 3.9, its so much simple to edit images inside wordpress without leaving the visual editor. really helps to work faster than before.

try out the latest wordpress 3.9 and if you want to anything more just ask. Happy blogging.