WordPress is a web software based on a browser and work online instantly. The wordpress function can describe as follows. WordPress uses HTML,CSS andPHP

The HTML displays web content and creates the structure. The CSS defines the appearance and stylized the font, colors and sizing. WordPress is based on PHP a server side scripting language that works with MYSQL Database. The PHP makes the site function and MYSQL stores the data.

Frontend current default theme is TwentyForty and the back end or the administrative area is the way to edit and create content.

Some Terms in WordPress:

  • Content Management System(CMS) : The system to helps to organize, create and manage your content inside wordpress.
  • Visual Editor : Its simple WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. You can edit your content here same as in word or openoffice. But yes you can use html too.
  • Widgets : A piece of code usually used in the sidebars(lots of other uses too). In this the content is automatically pulled into the location.
  • Plugins : A mini piece of software that automates or adds functionality to wordpress. It plug in to the wordpress core and increase both visitor and admin user experience.
  • Themes : It is the look and feel of the site. It can be switch easily with single click and adds many functionality.

What? What? What?

Are you ready to get started, just ask something yourself:

  1. What is your site’s purpose?
  2. How do you want it look?
  3. What kind of medias you have?
  4. What functionalities you want?
  5. Do you need mobile optimized?
  6. How about you navigation?

Now you have something to get started. Think once, Do perfectly. Keep tuning for more.