Simply WordPress is a software/application that used to build a simple website or a blog or world’s biggest business.

Anyone with an idea can build anything in the web with wordpress, thanks to its creators. Whether you are a housewife, full time working professional, student or hobbyist its easy to get start with wordpress. WordPress is within your reach – and there are so many resources available for free. So your creations, idea and dreams are limitless.

If you really interested to go deep with wordpress, its so much easy to get started. In my experience, its like picking feather. Its easy and quicker to learn wordpress than you think. Here, I we can discuss some basic step to understand and start playing with the simply awesome wordpress.

What you need to get started

  1. Download WordPress for understanding the structure. (if you needs)
  2. A web hosting (A shared hosting is enough to get start)
  3. A domain name

Simply install wordpress in your web hosting, don’t worry its easy with today’s hosting providers.

You can find the Softaculous or Fantastico De Luxe or Installatron like auto installer in your hosting control panel. simply find the application and install wordpress with a single click. In this case you don’t need to manually install and setup wordpress and database. all will perfectly done in a single click.

Now login with credentials you provide while setup and enter in the wordpress admin panel. Now you are ready for create anything. Just look around each of the icons in that panel and you can understand them easily.

Keep tuning to my blog for more on wordpress.